REVIEW: “Broadway Bound” boy dances with his mother

iT does not take long to start smiling while watching Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical Broadway Bound. There are plenty of reminders Simon is a master of milking an idea for a string of laughs. Plus the cast’s Brooklyn accents make even ordinary lines funny.

Photo by Todd Higgins (

Photo by Todd Higgins (

While Simon’s show that opened Thursday night (2/18/2016) at the Duluth Playhouse has plenty of laughs, it also provides one of the most charming scenes you will ever see, flawlessly executed by an actress appearing on a local stage for the first time.

As Eugene, Tim Komatsu captures a budding comic genius, painfully aware he is not getting the laughs he deserves from his family and periodically turning to the audience to interject commentary, with the benefit of hindsight, into the narrative. Andy Roemhildt makes the exuberant and excitable Stanley earnestly endearing, especially because he is fated to eventually be eclipsed by Eugene.

Photo by Todd Higgins (

Photo by Todd Higgins (

The set decoration of the two-stage Brighton Beach brownstone designed by Jeff Brown is impressive in the sheer depth of detail, from the massive period radio (Stanley needs to turn it up a notch or two during the broadcast) and carpeted stairs to the paintings hanging in the hall and the tins atop the refrigerator that most of the audience cannot even see.

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What: Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound
Where: The Duluth Playhouse (506 W. Michigan St.)
When: February 20-28 (Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30pm | Sunday @ 2pm)
Tickets: Adults – $27 | Youth/Students – $20 | Groups (15+) – $23
Purchase: Online at, call 218.733.7555 or stop by the box office located inside the Duluth Depot building


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