Announcing the cast of ‘Annapurna’

Still scratching your head over this show we have coming in June called ANNAPURNA? We gave you the rundown of what sort of story awaits you come June 2-12 (give this previous post a read), but first and foremost, we have a cast to announce. There aren’t many. Two, to be exact.


Thanks to everyone who came out to audition for ANNAPURNA! Without waiting a moment longer, here’s our cast:

Ulysess: John Pokrzywinksi
Emma: Christine Winkler Johnson*

*Member of the Playhouse Resident Company


Twenty years ago, Emma walked out on her husband, cowboy-poet Ulysses, leaving behind their marriage in the middle of the night. Now, hearing he’s in dire straits, she tracks him down in the wilds of Colorado to find him living in a grungy trailer. Their reunion, charged by rage and compassion, rekindles the bond which brought them together all those years ago.

What unfolds is a visceral and profound meditation on love and loss with the simplest of theatrical elements—two people in one room.

“Sharr White has created two fine and ferociously damaged people caught in the emotional whirlpool of not being able to live or without each other.”

Reserve Your Tickets

Prorated season tickets and flex passes for the 2015-2016 season are currently on sale! Call and become a season ticket holder today: 218.733.7555!

Season ticket holder access code required to reserve tickets in advance at this time. Tickets for ANNAPURNA will go on sale to the general public on May 9, 2016.


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