So You’ve Never Heard of ‘Annapurna’

Next weekend (January 23rd to be exact), we’re holding auditions for the fifth show in out 2015-16 season, and this show is called Annapurna. Find yourself asking, “What is this show?” or saying, “I’ve never heard of it!”? You’re not alone.


Annapurna is a touching 2-person story about the love that breaks us, but also ultimately heals us. Before you audition, learn a little bit more about this new play by Sharr White.

Here’s how it’s billed on “Twenty years ago, Emma walked out on her husband, cowboy-poet Ulysses, in the middle of the night. Now hearing he’s in dire straits, she tracks him down in the wilds of Colorado in a grungy trailer, working on his magnum opus, hooked to an oxygen tank, and cooking in the buff. Their reunion, charged by rage and compassion, brings back the worst and best of their former bond.”

Photo from the New York Times

Photo from the New York Times

Emmy Award winner Megan Mullally and her husband Nick Offerman co-starred as estranged lovers in the New York premiere of this production, which officially opened Off-Broadway April 22, 2014.

Several prominent newspaper wrote reviews on the Mullally and Offerman production, and you can find links to them here.


Where: The Playhouse Conservatory (231 West Superior Street, lower level of Wells Fargo building, entrance on the avenue)
When: Saturday, January 23 from 1:00-3:00pm
Prepare: Read the play! Scripts are available for 3-day rental (with $5 cash deposit) from the Playhouse office.

Download the audition packet now!


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