What is the Playhouse Resident Company?

You may have noticed the asterisks next to names in our season playbills, in email announcements, and in our newsletters. You may have also noticed that it often designates those names as actors who are members of the Playhouse Resident Company. What exactly does that mean? Read on to learn more about this exciting program.

The Playhouse Resident Company Program combines free training in the performing arts with meaningful employment to theatre artists in the region. Along with taking classes in acting and dancing, company members will also be working an array of positions from Front of House to behind-the-scenes. Theatre-goers will see them throughout the season as part of Playhouse, Underground and Children’s Theatre productions.

We’re getting ready for the 2016-2017 Resident Company, and are currently accepting applications for new members! There have been a few changes to the Company, and you can find the application and new information here.

We’re currently in the second year of the Playhouse Resident Company, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see this program continue. Who makes up the current 2015-16 Playhouse Resident Company?

Drew Autio
Erin Blazevic
Kendra Carlson
Jesse Davis
Kelly Florence
Ashlee Ann Hartwig
Christine Winkler Johnson
Jody Kujawa
Johnathan Manchester
Kyle McMillan
Mike Pederson
Andy Roemhildt
Jason Scorich
Louisa Scorich
Adam Sippola
Angela Shields
Sara Marie Sorenson
Matias Valero

As always, we appreciate your support of this initiative to foster professional theatre in our community. Please consider making a donation today. Donate now!


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