Don’t let the title scare you: Gruesome Playground Injuries

With Opening Night only two days away, we at the Playhouse and Underground find ourselves talking to people about Gruesome Playground Injuries, and we get the same reaction every time: “Oh…that sounds…good?” *insert quizzical look here*

It isn’t until we explain the story, the characters, and why the title is what it is, that people go, “Ahhhh, that does sound awesome.” *insert big smiles and nodding of heads here*


Trust us, once you see the show, the title makes total and complete sense. This show is not gory; it’s not scary. Yes, there are several F-bombs dropped, and other adult language and subject matters brought up we wouldn’t recommend bringing your 10-year-old to see. At it’s core, Gruesome Playground Injuries is the touching love story of two people, Kayleen and Doug, and how their scars keep bringing them together.

We ran across an article in The Hollywood Reporter that explains the premise of the show quite well. Give it a read, and then come check out the show. Bonus: It’s only 70-minutes long, so you won’t be out too late on a school night.

FROM THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (with a few details switched out to reflect our upcoming production):

“Over the course of 30 years, from ages eight to 38, Kayleen (Sarah Lueck) and Doug (Robert Lee) “meet cute” in various emergency rooms and hospitals when one or the other (and sometimes both) have been injured or otherwise grievously harmed. Doug is a risk-taking, accident-prone daredevil, while Kayleen is more apt to be psychically damaged, when not engaged in adolescent cutting.

These perpetually wounded souls find friendship in mutual pain and suffering (self inflicted or not).”

Our production is simple: two actors, and a minimal set of a bed, a couple chairs, and a swingset. It’s the performances that move the story along, and leave you wondering about the scars leaving their mark on you.


Robert Lee as DOUG
Sarah Lueck as KAYLEEN

LIGHTING DESIGN: Patrick Mulcahy
PROPS MASTER: Dean Tschider



We have a special one-night-only ticket price for Opening Night (which is October 1). All tickets are $10 PLUS a free pre-show drink (limit one per person). *You must call to receive the $10 ticket price or purchase at the door the night of the show.*

For the remainder of the run, here’s what you need to know:
WHEN: October 1-10 | Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm)
WHERE: The Underground (506 West Michigan Street, Duluth MN, 55802 | Lower level of the Duluth Depot building)
TICKET PRICE: Adults – $16 | Students – $12 | Opening Night Special – $10
PURCHASE TICKETS: Online at | Call 218.733.7555 | Stop by in-person at 506 W. Michigan Street


Find the original and complete Hollywood Reporter article “‘Gruesome Playground Injuries’: Theater Review” here.


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