Meet Robert of ‘Gruesome Playground Injuries’

robertleeQ: What made you want to be a part of Gruesome Playground Injuries?
A: As soon as I read the script I wanted to be a part of the project. The characters are so well and fully crafted. And the story is told in a creative and fun way. As an actor I am only ever really interested in roles that will challenge me and that scare me at some level. Playing a character from age 8 to age 38 in the course of a one-act play seemed like an incredible opportunity for a challenge. Also being in full view of the audience for the entire show is quite the work out for an actor – constantly exposed and vulnerable. And finally the relationship between the two characters provides for such a range of experiences that need to be explored that I just couldn’t pass on this chance. It has been such a blast creating this show.

Q: The title of this show definitely grabs your attention. What do you want people to know about this show?
A:The show is really nice mix of comedy and drama – just like life. One character suffers from habitual external injuries and the other suffers from persistent internal strife. And both struggle to find just exactly how the other fits into each other’s lives. They keep drifting away and coming back to each other in beautiful collisions.

Q: What do you hope audiences take away from this piece?
A: I think audiences will recognize their own Dougs and Kayleens. You know these characters. I think audiences will walk away with love in their hearts for them even if their hearts have broken a little for them.

Q: Tell us about your role in the show.
A: I play Doug. A lot of people think he’s stupid, but he’s just brave that’s all. He fell for a girl who deserves better than him a long time ago. He keeps losing her and finding her and losing her again.

Q: What’s your favorite playground injury story from when you were a kid?
A: When I was in about 3rd or 4th grade my friends and I used to hold court in the playground. There was a judge and lawyers and a jury. I remember trying a case against a kid who had “allegedly” thrown some ant pile at another kid. I do not remember if I won the case, but I’m sure I deserved to win. And apparently I did it pro-Bono, because I haven’t seen a dime of that money.


Come See The Show!

WHEN: October 1-10, 2015
TIMES: All shows @ 7:30pm | Thursdays-Saturdays
WHERE: The Underground (506 West Michigan Street, Duluth MN 55802 | Lower level of the Duluth Depot building)
TICKETS: Adults – $16 | Students – $12
PURCHASE: Online at, call 218.733.7555, or stop by in-person at our box office located in the Duluth Depot building


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