What Should I Wear to an Audition?

Hey guys, Maranda again. Sorry it’s been awhile since I had a blog post, but I have one for you today. Today’s blog post has to do with auditioning and what to wear to an audition.

Take into consideration how you are during an audition. Do you get nervous? Do you have stage fright? If so then make sure that you don’t wear a shirt that easily shows off sweat stains. Also avoid a shirt that has complicated buckles or zippers, because that could cause you to fiddle with it and cause a clothing malfunction, and we definitely don’t want that to happen. You want to make sure you’re comfortable during an audition. Clothing that is too tight, or even too loose can make you feel awkward and affect your performance.

terminator-sarah-connor-chronicles (Definitely DON’T wear this)

Also avoid jeans or denim in some situations because they can be difficult to move around in, especially if your audition calls for lots of movement or even dancing. Women, don’t wear shirts that are low cut. Think of an audition as an interview of sorts. Also, it would help to know what time period your play is set in. Now just because I said that don’t go running into your audition in full period clothing from 1912. That is definitely not recommended. But adding subtle pieces to your outfit can stand out. Say your auditioning for a Victorian melodrama, go ahead and wear a lacy long sleeved blouse to spice it up, and feel more in character.

824255d70a14a33ea1629e6f23eed168  (This photo shoes an audition outfit with a 50’s feel)

Next, let’s talk about shoes. For women, the most appropriate style of shoe to wear for a theatre audition is a low-heeled, rubber-soled character shoe either in black or tan. These shoes are made for theatre-style dancing and will show that you have audition experience. If you don’t own a pair, any low heeled style shoe will do. Avoid huge stilettos or heels that are loud and obnoxious on hard surfaces. Men, just go with a brown or black shoe that is professional.

shoes audition  mens-tap-shoes (These shoes are perfect for auditions)

You can bank on there being a crowd also auditioning for the same show as you. You’ll want to help the director by standing out, not just with your performance, but also with what you wear! Don’t wear neutral colors such as black, tan, brown, and white. I’m not saying wear neon colors or anything super flashy, but wearing a solid color that is flattering in any shade will do and make you more memorable. If you get a callback or second theatre audition, wear the same outfit. Unless the casting crew knows you, they will most likely remember you by your clothing. If you came into an audition wearing a blue dress, and now you’re in a red dress, they might forget their initial impression.

outfit  casting call outfit male (Perfect)

I hope that this has helped you as you prepare for your next round of auditions!


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