Fairy Tale Fridays: Meet the Three Blind Mice

A lot of big changes have happened for the cast of Shrek in the past two weeks! We moved to the Playhouse Main Stage and were able to start playing with different set pieces: incorporating amazing costumes, make-up, and new prop pieces into our blocking (movement); layering in lights and sound, and starting to work with the orchestra! This week, we have had what is appropriately called “Tech Week” where all of the technical elements mentioned above are worked with all together as we are get closer to opening the show, (which is NEXT WEEK)!

Sneaking a peek at Shrek's tech rehearsals!

Sneaking a peek at Shrek’s tech rehearsals!

As a part of this week’s “Story of My Life” and “This is My Story”, you get a chance to meet the Three Blind Mice!


Blind mice
Name: Taylor Vezina
Age: 17
School: East High School
Parts: One of the Three Blind Mice (The Oldest), Duloc Performer, Rat-Tapper
One of Taylor’s favorite parts of the show is that it is all about being yourself, so you can go all out with your acting choices and you don’t have to worry about what people think of those choices. Taylor really likes the cast because they make her feel loved. She looks forward to getting to rehearsal, and the joy that comes with it.

Blind mice 2
Name: Elina Walchuk
Age: 17
School: Harbor City International School
Parts: Queen Lillian, One of the Three Blind Mice (The Middle Mouse), Duloc Performer, Rat-Tapper
Elina’s favorite part of the show is the crazy, fun, zany, and diverse characters that are in Shrek, and that when they are all standing on stage together it looks incredible.

Blind mice 3
Name: Josie Garay
School: Lake View Christian Academy
Parts: One of the Three Blind Mice (The Youngest), Duloc Performer, Rat-Tapper
Josie’s favorite parts of the show are the people, the beautiful costumes, and the fact that there are lots of green things everywhere. She loves the tap number that the rats perform. She also loves the Three Blind Mice trio. She really likes the dynamic between herself, Taylor, and Elina, and she feels like they are a family.


Once upon a time, there were three (not blind) mice that lived with their parents. One day, tragedy struck the mice as their parents were eaten by Puss in Boots. The mice fled into the woods, where the oldest mouse had to take care of the other two. After living in the woods for a while, the mice were found by Snow White and brought to the home of Grumpy the dwarf, who took them in to be his daughters. Grumpy already had a son though, and he became jealous of the mice stealing his father’s attention. In spite, the son, who would later be known as Lord Farquaad, blinded the three mice, but they have no recollection of how it happened because…they were blinded. Later, the Pied Piper discovered them and they became a singing group with Top 40 Fairy Tale Hits such as “Hickory Dickory Dock”, and “Three Blind Mice”. The mice like to point out that “Three Blind Mice” is just a song, and that they never had their tails cut off, and that it is an analogy for being blinded. After a long tour, they decided to go back to Duloc and get reacquainted with people, but Farquaad , remembering his past with the mice, banished them to the swamp where they met up with the other fairy tale creatures.

The End.


Remember, tickets are selling fast and that we open NEXT THURSDAY, MARCH 12!

Tickets are still available online to purchase, and as always, you can stop by the Playhouse Box Office to purchase or by calling 218-733-7555.

Shrek the Musical runs March 12-22 with evening performances (Thursday-Saturday) at 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2pm.


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