Fairy Tale Friday: The Three Little Pigs

Welcome back to another Fairy Tale Friday! This week we have been hard at work polishing choreography, singing and acting as we prepare to move our rehearsal onto the main stage next week! Lots of fun technical aspects will start to be incorporated, like lights, sound and costumes, so stay tuned for upcoming posts where you’ll get to see pictures of techs!

This week, we meet the Three Little Pigs!


Name: Graham Godfrey
Age: 16
School: East High School
Parts: One of the Three Little Pigs (Bricks), Knight


Name: Corey Reilly
Age: 15
School: Denfeld High School
Parts: One of the Three Little Pigs (Sticks), Duloc Announcer, Rat Tapper


Name: Eric Fredrickson
Age: 16
School: Marshall School
Parts: One of the Three Little Pigs (Straw), The Pied Piper, and he is also the student assistant director for Shrek.

Graham, Eric, and Corey all agree that the music is good, and the cast is great to work with. Graham specifically likes being a part of a trio of characters.


The Three Little Pigs (As told by Graham Godfrey, Corey Reilly, and Eric Fredrickson)

Once upon a time, there lived three pigs in a far off kingdom whom were brothers. One day, the three of them decided to build separate houses; one out of brick, one out of straw, and one out of sticks. The one who built his house out of bricks was the smartest of the trio. The one who built his house out of sticks was of medium intelligence. And the one who built his house out of straw was the least scholarly of the three. They regularly compared themselves to “the Plastics” from the movie Mean Girls. The pigs invested money in their houses in order to protect their assets. One day, the Big Bad Wolf, (A.K.A. Brian Wolff, the “Wolf Of Wall Street”) destroyed their investments by blowing their houses down. Without houses to stay in, Farquaad found there were talking pigs attempting to live in Duloc, which he refused to let happen, so he sent them to the swamp with the rest of the fairy tale creatures.

The End.


Come back next week for more fairy tale fun!

Remember, tickets are now available online to purchase, and as always, you can stop by the Playhouse Box Office to purchase or by calling 218-733-7555.

Shrek the Musical runs March 12-22 with evening performances (Thursday-Saturday) at 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2pm.


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