Fairy Tale Friday: The Start of ‘Shrek’

This week on Fairy Tale Fridays, we are going to learn about the origin of the character and story of Shrek!


Ÿ – Shrek is the title charter of the picture book Shrek! by William Steig
Ÿ – Shrek comes from the Yiddish word “Shreck” which means fear or fright.
Ÿ – In the book, Shrek is forced to leave his parents as an adult, but in the musical, he leaves as a child.
Ÿ – In the book, as Shrek is cast away, he stumbles upon a witch that tells him his future: a donkey will lead him to a guarded castle where an ugly princess lives.
Ÿ – In the book, Shrek is happy about his repulsiveness, even when out in the world with other people. In the musical, Shrek has had bad experiences with the world, (like people trying to skewer him with pitchforks) so he is more introverted. He is fine being repulsive, however, he doesn’t want to be hurt so he attacks first.
Ÿ – In the book, Shrek has a few special abilities, including shooting beams out of his eyes and breathing fire.
Ÿ – Shrek is ecstatic about rescuing the princess the witch foresees him saving (in the book). But in the musical, Shrek is only out to save the princess because Lord Farquuad will give him his swamp back if Shrek brings the princess to him.
Ÿ – In the end of the book, Shrek saves the princess and marries her, after which they live “repulsively ever after”. After Shrek has saved the princess in the musical, the adventure isn’t close to over! To find out how it ends, make sure to check it out when it comes to the Playhouse stage!


That’s all for this week’s Fairy Tale Fridays! Check back next week for more fairy tale fun!


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