Welcome to Fairy Tale Fridays!

Welcome to Fairy Tale Fridays, The Duluth Playhouse’s blog spot for the 2015 Children’s Theatre production of Shrek the Musical! My name is Stefan Kahlstorf, and I’m excited to be back writing for The Playhouse’s blog!

This blog, like previous Children’s Theatre blogs, will give you an inside look into Shrek the Musical, the show’s process, behind-the-scene show details, inside scoops on the actors, and other really fun stuff. Let’s get to it!

This show is jam-packed with lots of exciting characters, from tap dancing rats to blind mice. Actors portray many characters in the show, and each week, we’ll be learning a little bit about them. There will also be a little fairy tale story about featured characters that may be different than the tales you already know. These wil be called THIS IS MY STORY.

shrek banner

“Shrek, isn’t that that animated movie about a green ogre?”

Yes, it is, and Shrek the Musical is based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture “Shrek” and the book by William Steig. It follows the same story as the movie — Shrek, an ogre, goes on an adventure to reclaim his swamp after Lord Farquaad, the prince of near-by kingdom Duloc, banishes all fairy tale creatures to it. Along the way, Shrek will be joined by a talking donkey to rescue a princess in return for his swamp, but will find that sometimes fairy tales don’t always happen like the ones in books.



Name: Stefan Kahlstorf
Age: 18
School:Duluth East High School
Characters Played: Papa Ogre, Papa Bear, Rat-Tapper, and Duloc Performer
I didn’t know what to expect from Shrek the Musical the first time I heard about it. I had seen the animated movie when I was younger, and didn’t know how well it could transition to a stage production. But with the awesome original music, costumes, and incredible set pieces, I was excited to start work on our production of the show!

Name: Jacqline Wright
Age: 16
School: Harbor City International School
Characters Played: Mama Bear, Dragon Mover, Rat-Tapper, Duloc Performer
Jacqline’s favorite part of the show is that she gets to be many characters that she has to differentiate, which tests her acting abilities. She also likes the music and dancing because they are fun.

Name: Bethany Westerberg
Age: 16
School: Duluth East High School
Characters Played: Baby Bear, Dragon Mover, Rat-Tapper, Duloc Performer
Bethany likes that songs in Shrek are super catchy, and that you get to see different sides of characters you thought you already knew which shows that there really are two sides to every story.



The Three Bears (As told by Jacqline Wright and Bethany Westerberg)

Once Upon a Time, there lived three bears. The beginning of this story goes as you think it would. Goldilocks invaded the Bears’ household and harassed them. The Bears got mad when they found Goldilocks asleep in Baby Bear’s bed. After being kicked out of the house, Goldilocks told Lord Farquaad a different story, one where the Bears tried to maul her, and so he confiscated the Bears’ house. They were forced to go live on a swamp, where they found that many other fairy tale creatures had been sent. Goldilocks moved into the Bears’ house, where she ate all of the Bears’ porridge.

The End.


That’s all for this week’s Fairy Tale Fridays! Remember, tickets are now available online to purchase, and as always, you can stop by the Playhouse Box Office to purchase or by calling the box office at 218-733-7555.

Shrek the Musical runs March 12-22 with evening performances (Thursday-Saturday) at 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2pm.


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