The Cast of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Is…

Wow. It’s been difficult to wrap our minds around how many talented individuals this little big town holds. So many talented local artists came out for Jesus Christ Superstar auditions to show director Dorothy “Dottie” Danner what they could do. (Dottie directed this past summer’s production of Les Miserables at the DECC.)


Thank you to everyone who came out and belted their stuff! Without further adieu, here’s the cast list for Jesus Christ Superstar:

JESUS: Adam Sippola
JUDAS: Jayson Speters
KING HEROD: Jeffrey Madison
MARY MAGDELINE: Sara Wabrowetz*
CAIPHUS: Gabe Mayfield
ANNAS: David Greenberg
SINAI / PETER: Pascal Pastrana

Drew Autio*
Jesse Davis*
Scott Hebert*
Kyle McMillan*
Nathan Payne
Matthew Smith
Neil Vaidyonathan
Rajib Vaidyonathan
Matias Valero*
Kevin Walsh
Paul Waterman

Erin Blazevic*
Carrie Boberg
Bailey Boots
Joanne Cobar
Maggy Emery
Rebekeh Meyer
Katie Rose Parbst
Angela Shields*

*Member of the Playhouse Residential Company.


Take a different look at Jesus Christ’s final days through the eyes of his betrayer in this 1960’s rock opera. As Jesus rises as a prophet like a modern-day celebrity with his radical teachings and social ideals, not all who follow him are entirely convinced. Judas Iscariot questions Jesus’ enlightened motives and wonders if he’s not getting caught up in the myth versus the man. As Passover approaches, you see how everything unfolds through Judas’ eyes up to him betraying his leader.

Jesus Christ Superstar runs April 16 – May 3, 2015. GET TICKETS. (Only Season Pass and Flex Pass Holders can reserve with AN access code in advance at the current time. Tickets will go on sale to the public in March 2015.)


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