Meet the Other Half of the Haynes Sister Duo: Meghan!

With the Haynes sisters in White Christmas, we simply can’t have one without the other. Meghan Jarecki plays Judy Haynes, the little sister to Ali Littrell Finstrom’s Betty Haynes. Even though she’s incredibly active with the Children’s Theatre here at the Playhouse, White Christmas is Meghan’s first main stage production here! We’re thrilled for her to take the stage in this role, and we took a few minutes to get to know her before stepping onstage for tonight’s opening performance.

Meghan (center) with Corny Collins and others of the cast in the Children's Theatre production of "Hairspray."

Meghan (center) with Corny Collins and others of the cast in the Children’s Theatre production of “Hairspray.”

Duluth Playhouse: Hi Meghan! We’d love to know…what’s it like working with a director like Michael Matthew Ferrell?
Meghan: Working with Michael is a daily adventure. He is completely different from any other director I’ve worked with in the very best of ways. He runs his rehearsals to equity standards and is really good about it. He expects and draws the very best out of each of us which is truly a gift. Michael loves each and every one of us so much. I’d gladly work with him again.

DPH: How does it feel to be in a main stage production for the first time here at the Playhouse?
Meghan: Oh my gosh, it is a dream. I still can’t believe it. I am literally getting to perform with all the adult actors I’ve looked up to for the past 6 years and they’re all so amazing. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to make such beautiful art with such wonderful people.

Jarecki, MeghanDPH: Meghan, what is your favorite part about being in White Christmas?
Meghan: Absolutely everything! Every detail of this show is so perfect, I can’t even handle it! I’ve loved this show since I was little so everything about it is the coolest thing to me.

But, if I had to pick one thing, it would probably be working with such a talented group of people. Everyone has taught me so much over this process. I will remember this experience forever. I’ve been especially lucky working with Ali, Shad, Kyle and Michelle. They’ve really been supportive and caring throughout it all. I know I could go to any of them with anything and they always know exactly what to say. They have become like family to me and I’m so grateful for that.

DPH: What inspired you to portray your character the way you did? Where do you find the influence and inspiration for characters?
Meghan: Well, Judy has always seemed like a fun, free spirit. In the film, I felt like she was played too seriously, so I decided to clean the slate and do a complete 180. To me, Judy is fun-loving, but knows when to take things seriously and when to be serious. A lot of who she has become as a character is inspired by who I am. She is pretty much the embodiment of my fun side.

DPH: One more thing! Any advice for up and coming actresses?
Meghan: This is probably the hardest question you’ve asked. Honestly, just don’t give up and never stop working. Push yourself to go the extra mile and give 100%. Also, stay grounded. That’s probably the most valuable advice I’ve been given. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything, sometimes you have to take a step back and breathe before you can move on. Keep in tune with yourself and don’t lose track of who you are.

Backstage with her "White Christmas" sister, Ali Littrell Finstrom. (Photo taken by Meghan on Instagram)

Backstage with her “White Christmas” sister, Ali Littrell Finstrom. (Photo taken by Meghan on Instagram)


Our performance for White Christmas is sold out for each and every show of the show’s run…BUT you do still have options if you’re wanting to see it!

1.) Call the Playhouse (218.733.7555) for show availability. Especially if you’re a Season Ticket Holder who does not already have tickets reserved.
2.) Get on the wait list for the performance(s) of your choice. We have one for each night and will refer to this list if there are any cancellations. Season ticket holders already on the wait list with be called first, and if tickets are not claimed, we will continue down the list until they are.
3.) Show up before any performance and get on the Rush List. Get to the Playhouse one-hour before each performance (6:30pm for evening performances, 1:00pm for matinees) and sign up with the Box Office. You must be present to put your name on the list. Any last minute no-shows or cancellations leave empty seats we can fill! You must also be present to claim any tickets left unclaimed at the start of each nigh’s show. (Insiders’ Tip: Rush lists gets busier the later the show goes, so the first weekend is always the best bet!)


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