Get Into Halloween with ‘Evil Dead’

Canadian Demons dance during the musical number “Do the Necronomicon” in the Rubber Chicken Theater production of “Evil Dead The Musical” at the Underground. (Clint Austin  caustin

Based on the popular Evil Dead film series, five college students spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods. During what was supposed to be a weekend filled with fun, booze and shenanigans, they unleash a supernatural evil spirit that turns each and every one of our hero’s (Ash) friends into demons. There is no way out of the woods because the bridge that brought them to the cabin has collapsed. In this comedic version of 1980s horror film series, our main characters turned demons attack and try to kill each other while they sing and dance. And as seen in the movies, Ash is forced to attach a chainsaw where his evil hand used to be, and arm himself with a gun to slay his friends one by one. Imagine what the “Splatter Zone” will look like! All in all, Evil Dead has proven to be a hysterical musical mayhem that is fit for Halloween season!


Did they, the few, the proud, the stained regret their front-row status? Not likely. They were the first to offer up a standing O to the cast on opening night…” – Duluth News Tribune

Evil Dead: The Musical wants to be the next Rocky Horror Show, and it just may succeed.” – The New York Times

If there’s a better play to get you in the Halloween mood, we don’t know of it.” -Boise Weekly

You won’t find a better night out than at this hilarious cult musical.” – The

The songs will have you rolling in your seats, and screaming for more and more blood.” – Broadway World


This musical is based on three original films: The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992). The film franchise’s concept was originally generated by executive producers Sami Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who also starred in the films. Raimi and Campbell grew up together and directed several low-budget comedies before they took a stab at short horror movies. The Evil Dead launched their careers, and they collaborated on numerous films since then, including Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

evil-dead-movie-posterevil_dead_ii_xlgarmy of darknessEvilDeadPoster

Evil Dead: The Musical was originally adapted for a musical theatre class at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was performed for the first time at a local comedy by university students. This bloody musical finally reached US audiences in 2006, but it first reached North America with the approval of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell at a workshop in Toronto and with performances at Festivals in Montreal in August 2003.

Get Tickets — And Fast

Where: The Underground Theatre (506 W. Michigan Street / Lower level of the Depot)
When: October 30 – November 1 @ 7:30 pm (November 1st is already sold out!)
Tickets: $22 – General Admission | $27 – Splatter Zone (includes commemorative T-shirt)

Call 218.733.7555 to check on ticket availability and to reserve, or go online at for general admission seating. You MUST call the box office to reserve Splatter Zone tickets.


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