What’s ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ All About?


In the words of the rock musical’s the writer: “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is not about transgenderism or gender identity, because Hedwig defies gender labels. She’s not a man or a woman. She refuses to identify with absolutes. She is nuance,” John Camewron Mitchell said. “It’s a grey area. That’s a frightening place for people. People want labels. What are you? What are you into? Are you top? Are you bottom? Are you trans? Are you drag? Are you questioning? This is a story about love and a journey to freedom and happiness.”



Set in a bar, this is the life story in form of a monologue of Hedwig.

Her tale starts in East Germany, where she is a rock and philosophy loving boy with the name of Hansel. In comes Luther, an American soldier who falls in love with him and they decide to marry. At the time, marriage strictly consisted of man and a woman. In order to follow back his lover back to the land of the free and leave his communist nation, Hansel changes his name and has a sex change surgery, which leaves him with an “Angry Inch”. Hedwig, now married to Luther, moves to Kansas where a year later he leaves her for another man. Hedwig then forms a band which she names and “the Angry Inch”. She meets Tommy, a shy misunderstood boy and starts writing songs with him who in turn leaves her to become a famous rock star with the songs they wrote together.

In her search for love, freedom and happiness, Hedwig –and The Angry Inch – follows Tommy around and supports herself by playing in dive bars close to venues that are hosting Tommy’s performances.



The New York Magazine called it musical ‘‘Furiously entertaining with a heartwarming message. A terrifically smart production!’’

The New York Times’ Ben Brantley said ‘‘Shamelessly enjoyable! Electrically tuneful and furiously funny. An unqualified pleasure.’’

The NY Daily News exact words? ‘‘Dynamite! John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s frisky, raunchy fable of love, loss, fury and freedom thrives.’’

9-29-2014 hedwig set teaser
Teaser photo of the set



In 1998, John Cameron Mitchell wrote (with composer Stephen Strask) and starred in Hedwig and the Angry Inch in the Obie Award Winning Off-Broadway show. He then directed and starred in the film version which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actor Award. In the early stages of the writing of this musical, the center of the play was Tommy, John Cameron Mitchell autobiographical character, but Stephen Trask was mesmerized by the transsexual character named Hedwig (head – wig), inspired by an East German immigrant woman named Helga who used to baby-sit for Mitchell.
The Musical won 3 Tony Awards in total in 2014 (Best Revival of a Musical, Best Actor in a Musical and Best Actress in a Musical) after it finally it made its way on to the Broadway stages in early 2014, introducing Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig.



October 2-11 | Thursday – Saturday @ 7:30pm
Located in The Underground

For Tickets: call 218-733-7555 or go online http://www.duluthunderground.org
Ticket Prices: Adults – $16, Students – $12


Cast List

Hedwig: Alec Schroeder
Yitzhak: Tonya Porter
The Angry Inch: Wily Vigil
(Band members of Wily Vigil: Tyler Pimm, Abe Curran, Kyle Anderson, Ben Ophoven-Baldwin)


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