Welcome to Walletini the box office App!

 Tech Savvy

Last year kicked off the Playhouse’s Box Office Software Makeover! Our Customer Relations Manager, Maria dove into the world of box office software so that we could offer a more customer friendly and up-to-date experience for our customers.

We wanted easier ordering online, we wanted ALL the seats to be available online; we needed a system that could support multiple stages and classes… Let’s just say it was a long list to make everything better!

We are happy to introduce Vendini! Which is a wonderful system and we’re continually learning how advanced it is. Not only does it support everything we need and dreamed of in a box office software program, but it’s even savvier than we knew! Did you know it has its own app called Walletini?!


Click on image to download the app.

Walletini not only works for the Playhouse, but for any venue that uses Vendini ticketing software such as The Vista Fleet. You can store all your tickets for all of your Vendini events right in your phone.
• No more lost tickets!
• No more needing tickets reprinted!
• No more Will Call lines!
• All your tickets in one place!

Other fun features include transferring tickets between your friends and family! If you know that your friend is going to be five minutes late for the show, but you don’t want to miss the beginning, simply transfer their ticket to their Walletini app and they can meet you inside. They can also pay you back via the app if you bought all of the tickets for your group as well. Talk about convenient!

Please Note: When booking tickets for shows on our Main Stage through your phone, you can’t choose your seats. It will give you our “Best Available” seats. Luckily, there isn’t a bad seat in the house! However, if you want to see the seats, you’ll want to book them online and send them to your phone via the ‘Mobile Phone’ deliver option.

For more information and questions about Walletini please call our box office at 218-733-7555.

Thanks and enjoy our shows!


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