Welcome to the final Sixties Saturday!

Since the opening of the show, we have had 17 shows, (with one being the parent sponsor preview, and four of them being school matinees), and we will have to today with our closing show tomorrow.
They have been great audiences, and we have been glad to have people of all ages come and enjoy our show!

For the last interview, we have the person who is behind one of the hardest, (yet most fun) characters to play!

Edna Turnblad played by Corey Riley


Corey Riley is 14 years old and plays the part of Edna Turnblad in HAIRSPRAY. He likes the show because of all of the good messages that are within in it, and how all the characters contribute to the show so well. When asked what the hardest part about playing Edna was, he said, “Edna is a woman, and I am not, so that is sometimes hard, but keeping the balance between when I am portraying myself as a woman to the audience, or when I am using different “man things” like lowering my voice can sometimes be a challenge, because I still want to be a believable woman, but I want the point to get across that I am a man playing a woman.” He likes the character of Edna a lot because, “Although at the beginning of the show she has a hard time accepting herself by the end she realizes that it doesn’t matter what makes you different you’re beautiful no matter what.”

Thanks for joining as we have traveled back to the sixties to get an inside look at HAIRAPRAY!

Special thanks to Kate Horvath, Paige Kohler, Beth Wilson, Mallory Cleveland, Mindi Esla, Allegra Henderson, Robin Washington, our sponsors and the Playhouse staff.

If you are (or you are a parent whose child) is thinking about getting involved at the Playhouse, come to the auditions for the Playhouse’s junior or teen intensives, which are School House Rock Jr.! and Thoroughly Modern Millie/ Hamlet ! Auditions are April 28th and 29th, from 4-8pm in the Conservatory at 230 W. Superior St. (Wells Fargo Building). Hope to see you there!


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