Sixties Saturday – Opening


Welcome back to #SixtiesSaturdays: Opening week! The week started on Tuesday with or final dress rehearsal, followed by our parent/sponsor preview Wednesday night, opening on Thursday night, and show on Friday night!

This week’s research topic has to do with some Baltimore specific info around the time that HAIRSPRAY is taking place.

Did You Know?

  • Baltimore was actually one of the front runners for the Civil Rights Movement in the US, with many of the areas in the city desegregated
  • In the early 1950’s, African Americans were allowed to be hired by taxi and bus companies
  • Baltimore schools voluntarily desegregated shortly after
  • Many restaurants were still segregated however, which led to…
  •  Morgan State College students were involved in a sit in, that lasted about 3 weeks

This week for interviews, we have the host of Tracy’s favorite TV show, The Corny Collins Show, and the woman who many believe to be the “villain” of HAIRSPRAY.



Check back next week for more from the HAIRSPRAY cast next Saturday, and hopefully see you at either of the two shows today, one at 2pm and 7pm, or tomorrow at 2pm! We do recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance



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