Sixties Saturday


Welcome back to the Sixties! The past two weeks have been activity filled for the cast, crew, and band of HAIRSPRAY. The company left the conservatory, and got situated into the Underground space! Every piece of tech for the show, (lights, costumes, sound) has been integrated into the show now, (as last week was our official “tech” week) and THIS Thursday, the show opens.

This week we have 2 new cast members for you to meet, Seaweed and his sister Little Inez!


That is all for this week in the Sixties, check back next week for more actor interviews, show pictures, and another research topic!

HAIRSPRAY opens Thursday, March 13th and runs through Sunday, March 30th at The Underground, which underneath the Depot. All shows start at 7pm, with the exceptions of Saturday and Saturday matinee times which are at 2pm.

Here’s an update on ticket sales – student pricing is now available online!!! Also note, we have the most availability for opening week. Once we open the show and word of mouth spreads, the final 2 weeks will sell out fast – so make sure to reserve now! There is limited seating in The Underground.



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