I have sat through enough auditions to know what to look for in a performer. Some people may be nervous about auditioning. But to help calm the waters, I came up with a little list. This way you know exactly what I will be looking for in the audition room.

When I run an audition I look for these things:

  1. I look for excitement!! If you come in excited about the show, about the audition, about your song, I instantly take more interest than someone who is shy and nervous. I promise that I will do my best to make a comforting and welcoming environment, while at the same time, keeping it professional.
  2. Remember, I want you to be amazing!
  3. I want someone who knows the story, and is ready to tell it. I might ask you questions about the music and about the show, so come familiar with the script.
  4. Make strong choices, and be bold! In other words, make yourself stand out. Whether it be in how you dress, or the song you chose. Make me remember you!
  5. Ask Questions! If you are not sure how you should perform, how you should dance, or sing, just ask! That shows me that you are thinking about your character, and that you are really interested in this part.
  6. Most of all, I look for someone who has fun. I appreciate if you are serious and professional about your craft, as am I. But theater is meant to be joyful, and imaginative! Come in, ready for a good time.

I am very excited to see you all audition for this show, and I cannot wait to begin rehearsing! I hope to see a full room come audition day. Best of luck to all who wish to audition. See you soon!


Auditions will be this Saturday, March 8, from 3:30pm – 7:30pm. To sign up for an audition slot, call the Playhouse Office at 218-733-7555. And don’t forget to grab your audition packet for more information!



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