#SixtiesSaturday 3


Welcome to the third week of Sixties Saturdays! This past week, we have had
60’s hair tutorials, a full run of the show, and a performance of the song
“Run and Tell That!” on the local sketch comedy show, Kirov By Night!

For this week’s research topic facts, we have Graham Godfrey (Corny
Collins) on to talk about the history of Rock and Roll!

– RNR is based mostly off of Blues and Gospel music
– Because African Americans were the ones who originated it, it was
rarely not performed by African Americans, which meant that white people
did not listen to it…
– Until people like Elvis started to perform Rock N’ Roll and then it
started to gain popularity with everyone even though it was considered
“black music”

Keep your eyes peeled to meet a couple new cast members on Monday, we have interviews from two of the “Nicest Kids in Town” ( the
kids who dance and sing on the Corny Collins Show), Linnea Hinkel, and Eric


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