Sixties Saturday #1


Welcome to the 60’s, and to the Playhouse blog spot for the Children’s Theater spring show, HAIRSPRAY! My name is Stefan Kahlstorf, and I am excited to be writing on the Playhouse blog for the third time.

To kick off the blog, here is a small synopsis on the story of HAIRSPRAY:

Baltimore, 1962, is where and when the events of Hairspray take place. The story follows Tracey Turnblad, a “pleasantly plump” teenager who is trying to fit into society, while still holding onto her beliefs. Throughout the course of the show, she finds that not everyone believes what she does, and sometimes there are things that are more important than being popular. Main themes in Hairspray include fighting for what is right, accepting yourself for who you are, and Civil Rights.  

During the rehearsal process our director, Kate Horvath, assigned different research groups so that everyone in the cast could get into the mindset of what problems were going on during the Civil Rights Movement (when the real life events that inspired HAIRSPRAY occurred). Each week, there will be a different one of those topics on here, with some facts and other information to show all of the pieces that come together to form the Civil Rights Movement.

Much like the other blogs I have written, there will be also be actor interviews each week, where you can learn about who they are in real life, and who they are in the world of HAIRSPRAY. This week, I wanted to include a little bit about myself.


Finally, here is some important information specifically about the Playhouse’s production of HAIRSPRAY:

Check back next #SixtiesSaturday to learn more about HAIRSPRAY, and for the first Civil Rights’ topic and actor interviews!



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