Good People


Opening next week Thursday in The Underground is a play called “Good People” by David Lindsay-Abaire. The production was nominated for two 2011 Tony Awards – Best Play and Best Leading Actress in a Play (Frances McDormand), with the latter winning. It was listed as one of the most produced plays of both the 2013-14 Season and 2012-13 Season in American Theatre magazine. And it was penned by playwright David Lindsay-Abaire, who is also known for his play “Rabbit Hole,” for which he received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2007.

If you’re looking for a deeper look into the show, below are some comments from both the director and two of the actors in the show.

Lawrence Lee (Director)

“What stories do you tell about yourself? What are the defining stories of your life?

Now, what stories do you think your family tells about you? Your friends? Your classmates? Your enemies?

‘Good People’ is a show about how we define ourselves through the stories we tell and how we tell them. Margie, the center of the show, starts the whole play by telling a story which she thinks is funny and shows her in a good light, only the person she’s telling it to, Stevie, remembers the story differently, in a much darker light. It’s not so funny to him.

And the play revolves around these interpretations and reinterpretations and misinterpretations, sometimes to hilarious effect and sometimes to disastrous effect.

I’ve been fortunate to work with six thoughtful and talented actors who aren’t afraid to delve into every nook and cranny of this play. It’s honest, funny, and heart-wrenching theater that may just make you rethink what you take for granted about your own life stories, because we all want to be ‘Good People,’ but can we?”

Robert Dunbar Hofman (Role: Mike)

“Rarely does a script as great as ‘Good People’ come around. It has been a privilege to work with a veteran cast as assembled by director Lawrence Lee shaping what will be an outstanding production. Good People tells a timely story of choices, luck, and perseverance. It shows us what is “good” about people – and what is not so good. Twin Port audiences are in for a real treat and will leave The Underground with something they will talk about for days to come.”

Ellie Martin (Role: Dottie)

“‘Good People’ is a wonderfully crafted play – you can count on some belly laughs as well as some tugs on your heart strings.  It’s a play that will stick with you – who are the ‘good people’ in the play and what makes them that way?  Don’t miss this great theatrical offering at The Underground opening January 16  and running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for two weekends.”

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students. You can purchase online, by calling (218) 733-7555, or at the door. See you at the show!



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