Welcome to #MermaidMondays, the Playhouse exclusive blog on the production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. This show is directed by Sarah Diener and is based on the Disney movie of the same name.  My name is Eric Fredrickson, and over these next couple of weeks I’ll take you under the sea and show you what really goes on the Little Mermaid rehearsals. Welcome to #MermaidMondays!

Little Mermaid is nearing the end of the process. We are about to go into our technical process. The technical process includes adding props, lights, sound, and sets to the show and most importantly transitioning to the stage we will perform on.

The first question that pops to mind about Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr on stage is always how are they going to go “Under the Sea”? In the Duluth Playhouse’s production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. the water is created by these big blue sheets of fabric that stretch across the stage.  The actors control the sheets of fabric and pull off the effect of water.  This includes a variety of different movements to make it to appear to be water.  There are some people in Little Mermaid that wear Heelys to appear like they’re “swimming “in the water.

Over these next couple of weeks I will also introduce to you a handful of actors from our show. But first, let me introduce myself.




Make sure to reserve your tickets – this show runs only one weekend! And remember, performances take place over at Marshall School in their Fregeau Auditorium. Join us Under the Sea for this awesome adventure!!



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