Best Bets: Frozen



Featured in the Duluth News Tribune’s Best Bets, read about Frozen – OPENS TONIGHT!!!

Best Bets: ‘Frozen’: A chilly story of a mother, a killer, a doctor

It’s an unlikely trio at the center of Byrony Lavery’s dramatic play “Frozen”: The mother of a dead girl, the man who killed her and a psychiatrist who is researching serial killers and forgiveness.

The contemporary play was influenced by the experiences of a real psychiatrist, the subject of a New Yorker piece written by Malcolm Gladwell. (This proved to be a messy situation when Lavery was accused of plagiarism and Gladwell came to her defense).

The show moved from off-Broadway to Broadway in the mid-2000s, and the New York Times called it a “humane and intelligent drama.” As for Lavery: she survived a hiccup in her writing history and has gone on to publish more plays.


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