frozenFrom Frozen actor Julie Ahasay:

“Frozen” is the story of three people whose disparate lives come together through a horrific, unforgivable act. Or is it?

In a series of monologues and scenes—some surprisingly light-hearted and humorous—we see these three people frozen by hope, damage, science, despair, anger and revenge move toward understanding and yes, finally forgiveness.

Bryony Lavery’s play doesn’t flinch in looking into a true heart of darkness. And as the characters: a serial killer of children, a psychologist who studies him, and the mother of one of his victims come out of their frozen lives, we explore how much the human heart can hold.

This Thursday on opening night we have a couple of fun specials going on. Opening will be Pay What You Can night – meaning that in terms of admission, you pay what you can for tickets. Also, we will be having Happy Hour starting at 6:30PM before the show where drinks are 2 for 1! See you opening night!



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