Are you having a party?

Why, yes, yes we are having a party.  And you lucky people are all invited to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Show at the Underground October 25-26.  Doing it this way saves a hell of a lot in stamps.

I remember the first time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was a college student back in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My best friend’s girlfriend got me to go see it (they had actually seen it when it first came out and then were one of a half-dozen people in the theatre).  We could only find single seats so she had to sit on my lap the entire time.

rh2I sat there in amazement, halfway convinced that the rowdy crowd acting like they were at a sporting event rather than at a (Shhh! Quiet Please!) movie, was going to sacrifice a virgin on stage.

Of course, the next day I went out and bought the record album so I could at least learn the songs the next time I went, which turned out to be the following weekend—and the weekend after that—and, well, you know the rest.  Suddenly I had a hankering to wear a corset and black fishnet stockings.

I made it to double digits in terms of attending midnight showings and ended up being the guy who brought the bell to ring when Frank sings, “When we made it did you hear a bell ring.”

Which is why there are little tiny bells in the prop bags you get when you come to see the show, along with a party hat, noise maker, bubbles, toast, and a card for sorrow or maybe a card for shame.


This is the fourth year we are putting on The Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Show in the nick o’ time for Halloween, although this time around we have a new venue.

RHPS_posterThis year Rocky Horror goes Underground–at the Depot.

Being at a new venue, combined with a smaller cast, means that this year’s version of the show is decidedly different.  The Underground has a smaller stage area, but with a second story just begging to be taken advantage of by our cast.  This past year we had several long-time cast members move away, and several more are committed (as well they show be) to other shows.

But we still have Alec Schroeder as our Frank-n-Furter (A Scientist) and he is who most of you come to see anyway.

So this year we are kicking it old school.   After all, in the beginning all you had to do was put on the movie and the audience provided the rest.

Instead of acting out most of the show in front of the movie, we are focusing on the biggest numbers in show.  We also are looking for cameo opportunities for audience members who show up in Rocky Horror costumes.

We are calling this year’s edition “The Director’s Cut,” because originally we were going to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like add back in a deleted scene, maybe do a song or two with a foreign language track, and you would never believe what song we were going to do for the end of Act I.

(Nope, not going to tell you what we had in mind, because when we get a full cast next year we are going to do all of those crazy things and blow your tiny little minds.)

Finally, we are going to have a second screen set up throughout the show on which we will be projecting not only your instructions for using all the items in your prop bags, but all (or at least most) of the shout outs from the show you love so much.

So you’re lucky, I’m lucky, we’re all lucky, because we’re having a party.  There will be a costume contest before the show, Rocky Horror themed drinks, and an opportunity to do “The Time Warp” again.

“Don’t dream it.  Be it!”

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