FAQ About Les Misérables Auditions


We’ve received a lot of good inquiries regarding auditions, so we decided to address some of the FAQ’s! As always, if you come up with another question, feel free to contact us.

Here are some of the questions we have been asked:

Q: Why are there separate auditions on Thursday/Friday for principals?

A: Because some artists know the specific role they want to be seen for, and we know Saturday is going to be a very long day and may not accommodate all who want to audition- so we decided that if an actor knows specifically what role they want to audition for, we would try to host these auditions Thursday/Friday. HOWEVER, you should only be auditioning on Thursday/Friday if you are going for a SPECIFIC role. And you must be prepared- and have done your research. It will not help you to come to this call if you don’t know the role you are right for, and you haven’t properly prepared. You must bring a picture and resume. We are very serious about the Thursday/Friday auditions for principals only- you should be too! Please do not take a time slot if you are uncertain about roles. Come Saturday, if that is the case.

Q: Can I audition for a principal role on Saturday?

A: Of course! Saturday is for anyone auditioning for principal roles or ensemble.

Q: If I want to be considered for a principal role and also ensemble do I need to be seen twice?

A: NO. Only choose one audition time. The director(s) will be keeping everyone in mind, no matter when you audition, for principal and ensemble positions.

Q; What if I want to audition and all the slots are filled?

A: Contact Christine (seitz@duluthplayhouse.org) we will get you in.

Q: Do I need to sing more than 32 bars?

A: It is our practice to ask for 32 bars- however, on occasion a director wants to hear more, so you might want to know the song in case this is true. You must provide sheet music– you cannot sing acapella (without the piano). We will provide an accompanist for you.

Again, if you are interested in a principal role, be prepared to sing for the role on the spot, if asked. We will provide sheet music, you do not need to memorize songs from the show, but we will not have time to teach you, so do your homework and learn the music.

Q: I saw there were age ranges for the characters. How strict is that?

A: Age range means you “look” that age. You should look believable in the cast breakdown the director has provided. Same goes for the youth roles- you don’t have to be the exact heights- but you need to be somewhat close and believable.

Q: I’m nervous. I’m not sure what to do?

A: Here are some tips for auditioning- have a strong physical presence- show that you can ground yourself and energize a 2000 seat theatre. Sing what you do best so you can perform with confidence. Be prepared. Believe in yourself. AND PLEASE- bring a picture of yourself with either a resume or an audition form.


If you’re auditioning for a principal role, we do have role-specific sides up on our website for you to download and/or print for auditions. You can access sides for the roles of Cosette, Eponine, Fantine, Gavroche, Javert, Little Cosette, Madam Thenardier, Marius, Thenardier, and Jean Valjean by visiting the auditions page of our website. And don’t forget to grab an audition packet to get all the details on auditions, and to fill out your audition form. 

Auditions will be over at the Playhouse Conservatory located in the Wells Fargo Building at 230 W Superior Street (use the entrance on 3rd Avenue West). 

Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

See you at auditions!


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