What Does The Stage Manager Really Do?

When people think of stage managers in theatre, they usually think of someone who “manages the stage,” but stage managers do so much more. I know many stage managers and it seems like their list of tasks never ends. So let me give you a little insight into what a stage manager really does.

Before I do, let me tell you who I am. My name is Maranda and I am currently an intern here at the Playhouse. I am 20 years old and have been involved in theatre in someway since I was in 5th grade. I love working here and love being involved with theatre activities. The reason I am posting about Stage Managers today is because I was an Assistant Stage Manager my 2nd semester of college last year, and I saw everything the stage manager did and envied her so much, so I thought I’d share what being a Stage Manager is all about.


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Teen Intensives Behind the Scenes: Dance Choreography

Paige Kohler: Dance Choreographer

Paige Kohler: Dance Choreographer

We also interviewed Paige Kohler, the dance choreographer for both Sweeney Todd: School Edition and Titus Andronicus.

1.) Is it hard to choreograph around the pit?

I have choreographed on all sorts of sets in different theaters and I don’t think the pit presented too many challenges. It’s been fun since I’ve never had to work choreography around one before and being able to have kids enter the stage from it has been a new, fun way for the audience to see dances emerge onto the stage.

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Teen Intensives Behind the Scenes: Fight Choreography


An interview with the fight choreographer for the Teen Summer Intensives Sweeney Todd and Titus Andronicus, Matt Smith.

1.) What’s your process for choreographing the fight scenes?

When I am asked to choreograph a fight the first thing I do is read the play. This gives me the characters, how the fight starts, and how it ends. Then I start from the completion of the particular fight. Kills and finishers are some of the most dramatic and fun things to bring to life on stage and I like to begin with creating how I want the fight to come to a close. From there I create the fight taking into consideration the space I have on the set, the blocking the director has done and any special considerations I have to make for the actors playing the rolls. No fight is ever concrete when it gets to the actors. I try to keep myself from getting attracted to certain moves or phrases because they can change in a heartbeat if they are too hard or don’t fit with the director’s vision. Sometimes things have to change and move with character motivations, but I find having a solid base to work from speeds the process up considerably.

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Titus and Lovett’s Cooking Corner – Episode One

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Titus and Lovett’s Cooking Corner: the weekly cooking program for all you meat enthusiasts!

This week we’ll be showing you how to make Titus’ Signature Roman Style Shish kebabs. But first, let’s introduce you to your hosts!


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Long-Time Playhouse Volunteer Receives Robert E. Gard Superior Volunteer Award

Before Sunday’s performance of “Guys and Dolls” this past weekend, Jean Endrizzi received the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) Robert E. Gard Superior Volunteer Award for all the great work and time she’s dedicated at The Duluth Playhouse over the past 25+ years.

Jean Endrizzi

We are so proud to have had Jean with us for so long, and she still continues to lend a hand presently by writing her ‘Back in Time’ editorials for the Playhouse newsletter that comes out six times a year. We hope she will continue to volunteer with us for a long time to come. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the Playhouse, Jean!

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The Puppets Are Coming! Avenue Q Hits The Underground On July 30th

Avenue Q is a big show on Broadway, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows every detail about it. So here’s a rundown of what Avenue Q is all about.

Think of Avenue Q like Sesame Street for grown ups. You’re intrigued, aren’t you? The actors playing the puppets remain on stage throughout the entire show, and react to their puppets and mimic their actions. It’s a super fast moving show, and really fun to watch. Even though half the cast is made up of puppets, this show isn’t for kids. There is profanity used throughout the show, and language that is definitely not suited for little ones. There’s even full puppet nudity, and nudity amongst puppets usually leads to…other things. Like we said, this is NOT a kids show.

Avenue Q won 3 Tony Awards in 2004 including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score.

Come on out to The Underground to see this hilarious show put on by The Underground and UMD’s Stage 2.
When: July 30-August 22, every Thursdays-Saturday @ 7:30pm
Where: The Underground
Ticket Prices: Adults – $20 | Students – $16
Purchase: Online at duluthunderground.org, call 218.733.7555, or stop by the box office inside the Duluth Depot (506 W. Michigan Street)

REVIEW: ‘Guys and Dolls’ rolls a natural

Nathan Detroit (Jason Scorich) is between a rock and a hard place, having to find a new location to put on the oldest established floating crap game in New York, and finding yet another reason to put off marrying Adelaide (Louisa Scorich), his fiancée of 14 years. Meanwhile, at the local Salvation Army post, Sgt. Sarah Brown (Carolyn LePine) is in danger of losing her position as a missionary to sinners, when a bet puts her on a collision course with charming gambler supreme, Sky Masterson (Cal Metts).

Kyle McMillan (from left), Andy Roemhildt, and Matias Valero are gangsters and gamblers in the Duluth Playhouse's production of "Guys and Dolls" that opened Thursday. (Steve Kuchera / skuchera@duluthnews.com)

Kyle McMillan (from left), Andy Roemhildt, and Matias Valero are gangsters and gamblers in the Duluth Playhouse’s production of “Guys and Dolls” that opened Thursday. (Steve Kuchera / skuchera@duluthnews.com)

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