REVIEW: ‘Trial by Jury’ is Absolutely Brilliant!

“I have seen Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial by Jury before, but after witnessing the production that opened at the Underground on Thursday night, I do not think I will ever want to see it again. That is because it would be nigh impossible for another cast to match this absolutely brilliant production directed by Jeffrey Madison.

The case at the bar regards a breach of promise trial that goes horribly awry: One look at a picture of the lovely plaintiff and the jury is ready to convict the defendant before the trial even begins. However, “Trial by Jury” is a one act that consumes a bit more than a half-hour’s time on stage, which hardly warrants a night at the comic opera.”


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Presenting Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘Trial by Jury’

The Underground is proud to present the classic duo Gilbert & Sullivan this Thursday night. What can we tell you about this gem of a show? It’s an operetta. It’s all takes place under an hour. It’s really, really funny! It’s directed by Jeffrey Madison (his directorial debut). The voice in this show are incredible! Need we go on?

While we could keep giving you reason after reason why you should come check out this little gem of a show, we’ll give you a quick understanding of the show…and then let you click over to the Underground’s website to get your tickets now.


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Fairy Tale Friday: The Three Little Pigs

Welcome back to another Fairy Tale Friday! This week we have been hard at work polishing choreography, singing and acting as we prepare to move our rehearsal onto the main stage next week! Lots of fun technical aspects will start to be incorporated, like lights, sound and costumes, so stay tuned for upcoming posts where you’ll get to see pictures of techs!

This week, we meet the Three Little Pigs!


Name: Graham Godfrey
Age: 16
School: East High School
Parts: One of the Three Little Pigs (Bricks), Knight


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A Closer Look at a ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’

Who can forget Elizabeth Taylor’s Maggie and her white negligee in the movie adaption of Cat on Hot Tin Roof? No one, that’s who! Take a look at the different wardrobe pieces and set pictures of the Duluth Playhouse’s staged version of Tennessee Williams’ classic tale of secrets, lies, and betrayal.

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REVIEW: Standouts emerge in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’

It really wasn’t fair, walking into the Duluth Playhouse’s opening night production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with visions of sultry Elizabeth Taylor and a smoldering Paul Newman in their prime.

But there it was, like an elephant in the room.

Their iconic portrayals played in my head, though I hadn’t seen the celebrated 1958 movie in years — Taylor’s frustrated Maggie the Cat and Newman’s brooding Brick, the ex-athlete, drinking himself to numbness.

Could the Playhouse eclipse those images, at least for a couple of hours?


It did. Sort of.

With her Southern drawl and stealth-like movements, Carolyn LePine as Maggie was an able combination of strength, determination and longing. Zachary Stofer as Brick played the indifferent, aloof Brick, to such an extent that he seemed to be just a piece of the furniture much of the time. He usually faced away from the audience. But when he did sit facing the audience and traces of emotion were revealed, one longed for more.

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Greed, lies, lust and the party doesn’t end there…

“Certainly his [William Tennessee’s] plays shocked their contemporary audiences in their unprecedented treatment of the violence, rape, incest, alcoholism, and other secret traumas that haunt the everyday. Ultimately their insight, however, goes far beyond their “shock value”—that is, their capacity to offend conventional morality. If such were the case, Williams’s impassioned, seductive, and often nightmarish visions of American life would be far easier to forget.”

Are you ready for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on our main stage?


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