Coming to see ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’? Here’s what you need to know!

First of all, where is the Underground?
It is on the east side of the Depot Building. Just follow the yellow line in along the Depot sidewalk, take a right at the sign, and you have arrived! There will also be big visible signs leading you to the Underground entrance.


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Love, Loss and What I Wore Photo-Essay Contest

Every woman knows exactly what she was wearing at every pivotal moment in her life. Love, Loss and What I Wore is a staged-reading format show and is a series of sad, embarrassing, touching and funny monologues from women concerning all matters of their hearts and all matters of their closets.


So for our photo-essay contest we asked the obvious questions: What piece of clothing has meant the most to you?

Women (and men!) were encouraged to submit a photo and a 200-word essay highlighting a piece of clothing that held a pivotal memory in their life. We received a tremendous response, and now we want to share these stories with you. We’re highlighting each and every entry here, and we hope you feel inspired by them as much as we did!

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Because a Great Show Never Goes Out of Style…

Love, Loss and What I Wore is a collection of stories about prom dresses, shoes, skirts and fitting rooms. Behind these matters of the wardrobe are traumatic, sentimental and comic stories of five women who connect their closet items to memories and moments in their lives that are unforgettable and life changing to them. This play is fun to watch, but also is a thought-provoking piece the Underground theatre is bringing its audience.


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Fairy Tale Fridays & Fairy Tale Misfits

Welcome back to Fairy Tale Fridays! Last night we opened Shrek, and the night previous we had a rocking parent and sponsor preview!


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Fairy Tale Fridays: Meet the Three Blind Mice

A lot of big changes have happened for the cast of Shrek in the past two weeks! We moved to the Playhouse Main Stage and were able to start playing with different set pieces: incorporating amazing costumes, make-up, and new prop pieces into our blocking (movement); layering in lights and sound, and starting to work with the orchestra! This week, we have had what is appropriately called “Tech Week” where all of the technical elements mentioned above are worked with all together as we are get closer to opening the show, (which is NEXT WEEK)!

Sneaking a peek at Shrek's tech rehearsals!

Sneaking a peek at Shrek’s tech rehearsals!

As a part of this week’s “Story of My Life” and “This is My Story”, you get a chance to meet the Three Blind Mice!

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“Did You Know…” with Shrek the Musical

Think you know everything about Shrek? We’ve got a few facts here that may or may not blow your mind. Between the movie and Shrek the Musical, there’s a lot to know, and we’ve dug up more than a few fun things to know and maybe use as conversation starter at your next party.

1. Mike Myers was not the 1st Shrek in the animated movies.


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REVIEW: ‘Trial by Jury’ is Absolutely Brilliant!

“I have seen Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial by Jury before, but after witnessing the production that opened at the Underground on Thursday night, I do not think I will ever want to see it again. That is because it would be nigh impossible for another cast to match this absolutely brilliant production directed by Jeffrey Madison.

The case at the bar regards a breach of promise trial that goes horribly awry: One look at a picture of the lovely plaintiff and the jury is ready to convict the defendant before the trial even begins. However, “Trial by Jury” is a one act that consumes a bit more than a half-hour’s time on stage, which hardly warrants a night at the comic opera.”


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