The “Eugene Trilogy” Grows Up


Neil Simon’s three semi-autobiographical plays, often referred to as the “Eugene Trilogy,” follow young Eugene Jerome from his comic adolescence in Brighton Beach Memoirs to his stint in the army in Biloxi Blues, and finally, to his breaking into show biz in Broadway Bound.

With the strength of Simon’s writing and character development, audiences do not have to have seen the other two plays to appreciate and enjoy Broadway Bound. Simon’s ability to weave comedy and pathos closely together, as in the other two plays in the trilogy, is on full display here.

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REVIEW: ‘The Last Five Years’ back, better than before

When asked which shows I have reviewed are my absolute personal favorites I always name “The Secret Garden” and what I consider the best show you have never seen, The Last Five Years.


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The Real Story Behind ‘The Last Five Years’


Ever wondered what inspires a story or script that becomes a sensation? The Last Five Years has taken the musical theatre scene by storm since 2001, and this show? This is a show packed with powerful lyrics and intimate looks into what built, and ultimately broke, a five year relationship between two people.

Where did Jason Robert Brown, the writer and composer, find the inspiration? Keep reading to find out more.

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REVIEW: Puppetry, performances and a Giant Peach at the Playhouse

Yes, girls and boys, James and the Giant Peach, the Theatre for Young Audiences production that opened at the Playhouse on January 15th, does indeed have a Giant Peach. In fact, it has several versions of the Giant Peach, each of which is painted to peachfection.

Photo by Todd Higgins (

Photo by Todd Higgins (

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Sneak Peek: James and the Giant Peach!

Poor young James’ parents meet the wrong end of a rhinoceros, and he is sent to live with his awful aunts, who treat him terribly. So he’s pretty eager for this potion an elder gent tells him about. It’s said to provide happiness and adventure.

Through a series of mishaps involving the recipe, he ends up with a giant peach in his yard, and its occupants ride along as he goes on a magical trip.

Named one of this week’s Best Bets inside the Duluth News Tribune, check out a few behind-the-scenes as well as production photos of the show!

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So You’ve Never Heard of ‘Annapurna’

Next weekend (January 23rd to be exact), we’re holding auditions for the fifth show in out 2015-16 season, and this show is called Annapurna. Find yourself asking, “What is this show?” or saying, “I’ve never heard of it!”? You’re not alone.


Annapurna is a touching 2-person story about the love that breaks us, but also ultimately heals us. Before you audition, learn a little bit more about this new play by Sharr White.

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