What’s in a Title: Annapurna


Anna-what? Anna-who? Seriously…what is this show?! It’s an unrecognizable title, but don’t let that hang you up!

In this new play by Sharr White, our main man Ulysses writes an epic poem about his ex-wife Emma in which he uses climbing the mountain Annapurna as an analogy for their long, complicated, fractured relationship. The revelation of the poem comes at the end of 90 minutes of taut, natural, funny, heart-breaking, real, beautiful dialogue between these two layered and well-defined characters. And you couldn’t ask for two better actors than Christine Winkler Johnson and John Pokrzywinski n to play Emma and Ulysses. (Fun fact: Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain in the world, named after the Hindu Goddess of nourishment.)

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REVIEW: Sold out “Sneaky Sheep” a big hit with the kiddies

Photo by Todd Higgins (www.ToddHPhoto.com)

Photo by Todd Higgins (www.ToddHPhoto.com)

That the first performance of Some Sneaky Sheep and Other Tales was sold out Saturday afternoon at the Underground was undoubtedly due in large part to the popularity of local cartoonist, illustrator and author Chris Monroe and her children’s books.

That being said, the Theatre for Young Audiences deserves an equal share of the credit for bringing the silly antics in Monroe’s stories to life with creativity, energy and a whole lotta fun.

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Last week to meet those happy, dancing feet!


Hard to believe, but we’ve reached the final week of 42nd Street performances. (Time flies when you’re having a tappin’ good time!). Still performing on the Depot main stage this week (May 4-8), don’t miss the show viewers are calling “spectacular” and “one of the best productions by the Playhouse.” See other awesome patron comments and reviews on our Facebook page!

Enjoy this mini photo gallery, then book your tickets to the show by clicking here or calling 218.733.7555.

(And just so you know…there are *great* seats still available this entire week of performances, and we’re talking center of the row seats everyone always, always, always wants. Don’t wait to snag’em if you see’em.)

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The Cast of ‘It Runs in the Family’ is…


Yes, it’s official. We are announcing the cast of It Runs in the Family, which will be the first show of our 2016-2017 season. This comedic farce is sure to tickle funny bones and delight audiences, especially with a cast of this talent.

Read on to see who will be entertaining you this fall to kick off the new season!

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REVIEW: You can’t beat the dancing feet of ‘42nd Street’

Photo by Todd Higgins (www.ToddHPhoto.com)

Photo by Todd Higgins (www.ToddHPhoto.com)

It took about a minute for the opening night audience to burst into applause at the dancing in 42nd Street. In fact, director and choreographer Michael Matthew Ferrell’s dancing extravaganza at the Playhouse had the audience repeatedly breaking into applause during virtually every number.

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Come and Meet Those Dancing Feet On 42nd Street


One of the most exciting sounds for lovers of musicals is when a whole stage of dancers starts to tap. The synchronicity of all those feet in rhythm with each other is exhilarating to hear and to watch. And while good tap dancers make it look easy, anyone who has ever tried it knows how difficult, exacting, and challenging it is, even for those who excel at other forms of dance.

42nd Street, the musical, is a love letter both to the Golden Age of Broadway musicals and to the art of tap dancing. Based on a 1933 Academy Award-winning musical film, 42nd Street made its Broadway debut in 1981.

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Announcing the 2016-2017 Seasons!

Thank you so much to the enthusiastic crowd that came out to the Underground yesterday afternoon to celebrate the Playhouse and hear what’s coming to our stages in 2016-2017!

Along with announcing the Depot main stage, Underground, Children’s Theatre, and Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) series, there was also information and applications available on the 2016-2017 Playhouse Resident Company, updated Nor Shor theatre floor plans to view, and a plethora of opportunities to become more involved with the Playhouse from part-time paid positions to volunteering!

Now, without further pause, click the’ Read More’ button to see what’s coming to our stages in 2016-2017!

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