Review: ‘Evil Dead’ splatters audience with super-funny production

Nathan Payne plays Ash in the Rubber Chicken Theater production of “Evil Dead: The Musical” at the Underground in Duluth. Photo by Clint Austin |

Nathan Payne plays Ash in the Rubber Chicken Theater production of “Evil Dead: The Musical” at the Underground in Duluth. Photo by Clint Austin |

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who march bravely across a floor covered in plastic wrap in a pair of surgical-caliber disposable shoe covers for a seat in the Splatter Zone, and those who mentally compute the squirt power of a common diner-style ketchup bottle and then move to the farthest reaches of the theater, far, far from the Splatter Zone.

The former were rewarded with a face full of intestines and an exaggerated amount of blood-like substance during Rubber Chicken Theater’s high-camp, super-funny, sing-along production of “Evil Dead: The Musical” Thursday at The Underground.

Did they, the few, the proud, the stained regret their front-row status?

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Tales from the Booth with Stefan Kahlstorf

A lot of work goes into each and every production done at the Playhouse. It may sound cliche, but many hours of blood, sweat and tears really do go into each show. It’s a heckuva lot of work, but ask any of the actors on stage or crew members running things behind-the-scenes, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of putting on a production for hundreds (or thousands!) of people.

The Children’s Theatre season opener of ‘Sideways Stories of Wayside School‘ has a lots of cool technical elements to see and hear. If you haven’t already seen the show (which you should. Get your tickets here.) From eerie sound effects to laptop-exploding projections (again, you’ll have to come see the show to find out what we mean!), it’s all in thanks to our behind-the-scene helpers, like Stefan Kahlstorf.

Meet Stefan, and learn what it’s like being a part of the Playhouse.

Stefan Kahlstorf

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Audition Announcement: Willy Wonka, Jr. and Shrek: The Musical!

Auditions FB Banner

Auditions are set for October 20 – 21 for the Children’s Theatre productions of Willy Wonka, Jr., and Shrek: The Musical! at the Playhouse Conservatory.

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Are You Ready For “Sideways Stories of Wayside School?”

30 stories, 30 students, 30 floors…What could possibly go wrong?

Photo 3

Sideways Stories of Wayisde School’ is based on the 3-book series by Louis Sachar. The Children’s Theatre presents one of these books, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, adapted by John Olive. What makes this school worth telling about? Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms, built one next to the other, but instead the classrooms were built one on top of the other.

What else? The characters range from crazy Mrs. Gorf, who turns her students into apples if they answer incorrectly, to Miss Zarves, who is a teacher on the 19th floor (but there’s not a 19th floor, so technically, there is no Miss Zarves!) Anything is possible in Sideways Stories from Wayside School.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Step into the green room and check out the costumes of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’, now in its final weekend of performance at The Underground. Get your tickets while they last!

Hedwig's "Sergio Valenti" jean number.

Hedwig’s “Sergio Valenti” jean number.

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What’s ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ All About?


In the words of the rock musical’s the writer: “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is not about transgenderism or gender identity, because Hedwig defies gender labels. She’s not a man or a woman. She refuses to identify with absolutes. She is nuance,” John Camewron Mitchell said. “It’s a grey area. That’s a frightening place for people. People want labels. What are you? What are you into? Are you top? Are you bottom? Are you trans? Are you drag? Are you questioning? This is a story about love and a journey to freedom and happiness.”



Set in a bar, this is the life story in form of a monologue of Hedwig.

Her tale starts in East Germany, where she is a rock and philosophy loving boy with the name of Hansel. In comes Luther, an American soldier who falls in love with him and they decide to marry. At the time, marriage strictly consisted of man and a woman. In order to follow back his lover back to the land of the free and leave his communist nation, Hansel changes his name and has a sex change surgery, which leaves him with an “Angry Inch”. Hedwig, now married to Luther, moves to Kansas where a year later he leaves her for another man. Hedwig then forms a band which she names and “the Angry Inch”. She meets Tommy, a shy misunderstood boy and starts writing songs with him who in turn leaves her to become a famous rock star with the songs they wrote together.

In her search for love, freedom and happiness, Hedwig –and The Angry Inch – follows Tommy around and supports herself by playing in dive bars close to venues that are hosting Tommy’s performances.

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One Play, Two Couples

Louisa and Luke

At one point in her introduction to her future husband, Cheryl Skafte wrapped her arms around his knees and tried to physically lift him off the ground.

It was an audition for a play; Skafte was trying to convey playfulness.

She jumped on his back. She almost tripped him. Afterward, Skafte sent Luke Moravec an email: “That was the most fun audition I’ve ever had,” she recalled writing. “We should hang out.”

Less than three years later, the Duluth theater regulars — who ended up playing siblings in “The Three Musketeers” — were married.

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